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Our Story

Soul-Foodly Vegan (formerly known as MG’s Vegan Express) is a woman veteran, minority-owned business, specializing in creating organic, plant-based, vegan, Soul Food meals to satisfy the palates of Vegans and non-Vegans in search of  tastefully prepared meals here in Mansfield, TX and beyond.  SoulFoodly Vegan is the first and only full Vegan, plant-based menu options in Mansfield, TX.


SoulFoodly Vegan serves 99% non-Vegans. Our Slogan is

 “SoulFood So Good You Won’t Believe its Vegan”


Our customer base includes people of all ages, lifestyles, and incomes seeking to embrace a more health conscious, mindful meal alternative.  We here at SoulFoodly Vegan serve tasty Plant-based, Vegan meals with a SoulFood twist!

What Drives Us


Soul-Foodly is motivated to educate and support its customers by serving quality plant based, vegan, Soul Food meals to satisfy the palates of Vegans and non-Vegans in search of a tastefully prepared meal.


Soul-Foodly Vegan was birthed out of the owner’s frustration from having to drive 25 to 35 miles or more to Dallas, Ft. Worth, and other cities just for a Vegan/Plant-Based meal.  It was out of the mouth of a babe, her daughter Tiyanna stating, “Mom your food is good,  why don’t you sell it?” From that one statement in 2021, the LLC was formed. 


MG’s Vegan Express dba Soul-Foodly Vegan is a single-member limited liability company based in Mansfield, Texas.


The Vegan/Plant-Based industry is a trillion-dollar industry with a specific focus more mindful eating especially since CV19, there’s quite a significant demand as more and more consumers are looking for ways to transition without giving up taste.

The demand for organic, naturally, plant-based, vegan meal options is steadily increasing in the United States with no decline in sight. 

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