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Educational Presentations

from FSM Institute Certified Nutrition Instructor, Janette Madlock-Dent

Spinach Leaves

Food Addiction 911

Are you struggling with cravings? Do you find yourself eating foods that you know aren’t good for you, but you can’t seem to stop? Do you sometimes feel controlled by food? Learn to identify the root cause of cravings and overcome them with powerful strategies to tackle them when they occur.

Revamp Your Kitchen: Healthy Meal Preps

Do you wish you could go out to eat less, but are not sure how to plan meals for home? Are you looking to save money, while also eating healthier? Confused about how to put delicious meals together easily? Never dread the question of “What’s for dinner?” again! This class will teach you how to put meals together and how to pair different recipes so you always have variety!

Spinach Leaves
Spinach Leaves

African American Nutrition

In this class, we identify 6 key genetic differences where nutrition can be beneficial and healing for African Americans. We empower students with health and nutrition information on how to use food to strengthen their bodies, their minds and their spirit, so they can enjoy life and thrive.

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